In its most popular option, the Alphie mixer has a separate mixer, a rotating cage and a container which fits into it. This means it can use different sizes and shapes of containers, and even more than one container. It is also possible to use different materials to suit the industry or product to be handled, which makes for great flexibility as a mixer in the laboratory, and change production capacity simply by installing a smaller volume container to make smaller batches. The drum can be fitted by hand in laboratory mixer sizes, while for large capacity mixers where this is not possible drum handlers are available including an electric hoist mounted on the mixer, a separate hydraulic lifting unit and manual carts. A fully automatic system is also available, in which the mixer picks up the drum with its robotic arm and puts it back after mixing.



higher homogeneity, guaranteed distribution coefficients, mixing different density compounds, mixing different sizes of compounds in very uneven concentrations, avoids lump formation when adding liquid to powders, reduces working and handling time/increases unit throughput, prevents segregation of the different compounds, avoids damage to compounds due to shear force and no need for layering filling.