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3D mixing solutions.


Alphie Mixers, manufactured by Hexagon Product Development Pvt Ltd is the world-renowned leader in 3D Tumbling Mixing solution. But we are far more. Founded on the uncompromising principle of manufacturing and delivering the highest quality mixers at a fair price with a maintenance-free design, Alphie Mixers continue to set new standards in innovation and industry leadership.


Alphie is a 3D Tumbler Mixer – An ideal mixing technology having tumbling movement at its core. The motion of Alphie is based on the kinematic inversion principle. The unusual, 3-dimensional Motion quickly and efficiently produces a homogeneous substance regardless of specific weight or particle size or particle shape of the substances being mixed. The reversing motion instead of a rotary motion, coupled with no rotating blade or agitator inside, prevents shearing forces and temperature spikes that damage compounds. In other mixers, the rotating motion imparts a centrifugal force, which in turn produces a high attack force and friction between the particles. On the other hand, there are no such forces in Alphie’s investment stock.


In its most popular form, the Alphie mixer features a separate mixer, a rotating cage and a bin that slides into it, giving you the ability to use different sizes, shapes of bins or even more than one bin, plus that it is possible to use different materials to suit the industry or product to be handled, which means great flexibility as a mixer in the laboratory and to change production capacity simply by installing a smaller volume container to make smaller batches. The drum can be manually installed on laboratory mixer sizes, while for large capacity mixers where manual drum handling is not possible, drum handlers are offered by means of an electric hoist installed on the mixer, a hydraulic lifting unit separate or can also be a manual cart. Furthermore, it offers a fully automatic system, where the mixer picks up the drum using its robotic arm and places it back after mixing.


The mixer is powered by a single AC induction motor and, depending on the mixer model and moving mass, they can be powered by a single or three-phase power supply. It has a control panel with HMI / PLC and VFD for speed change. The panel has the ability to set the mix speed, batch time, and even the password protected recipe.


  • The best possible homogeneity
  • Guaranteed Distribution Coefficients
  • Composite mixture of different density
  • Mixes different sizes of compounds in highly unequal concentrations
  • Prevents clumping when adding liquid to powders
  • Reduces labor and handling time / Increases unit performance.
  • Avoids the segregation of the different compounds
  • Prevents damage from composites by shear force
  • No need for layering



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  • Laboratory mixers. +info
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  • Fixed drum mixers. +info
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