Since 1930, Brendle Representadas has been the exclusive agent in Spain for the leading international manufacturers of raw materials and equipment for the ceramics, powder metallurgy and intralogistics industries.


Our portfolio ranges from importing raw materials by sea, presses, drying facilities, glazing lines, industrial furnaces for ceramics and heat treatment, automatic guided vehicles, automated storage and handling to implementing complex engineering projects in the tiles, sanitary ceramics, tableware, technical ceramics, hard metal and automotive industries.


Building on our expertise gained in automated handling and warehousing in the sanitary ceramics industry, in 2021 Brendle Representadas is expanding its footprint in the domestic market in partnership with LIPPERT LOGISTICS in the intralogistics and picking industry. It delivers bespoke projects including conceptualisation, consulting, construction, electronics, software, hardware and commissioning and which address conveyor systems, parcel sorting, picking, returns handling and automated vertical warehouses.


Brendle Representadas has supported Brendle Metalquímica, S.A., since its establishment as a manufacturer of lustres and organometallic preparations based on gold, platinum and other precious metals for decorating ceramics and glass and also for the electronics industry.