Sanitary / Tiles / Tableware / Technical ceramics
Raw materials: Binders – Additives – Feldspars and feldspathic sands / Clays / Kaolin
Machinery: Atomisers / Presses / Drying and Glazing Systems / Furnaces / Vacuum Furnaces



Brendle Metalquímica  + INFO

  • Binders
  • Flocculants
  • Deflocculants
  • Gold, platinum and lustres


Minerali Industriali Maffei   + INFO

  • Sodium and potassium feldspar.
  • Feldspathic sands for tiles, sanitary ware and glass.
  • Glassy sand granules and fillers from recycled glass.
  • Clays and kaolin for ceramics, sanitary ware, bricks and tiles.



  • Clays for ceramic pastes and glazes.
  • Kaolin for ceramic bodies and tableware.


DORST Technologies   + INFO

  • Presses for tableware, sanitary ware, technical ceramics & Bio ceramics.
  • Presses: isostatic, electric, hydraulic, mechanical, pressure casting.
  • Atomisers. Laboratory atomisation units.
  • Part finishing automation.



  • Horizontal vacuum furnaces with hinged door or undercarriage for vacuum sintering and technical ceramics.
  • Vertical vacuum furnaces for heat treatment, vacuum welding, diffusion welding, aluminization and UHV (ultra-high vacuum).