Sundram Fasteners Limited
Powder for metallurgy.


India, 1966. Sundram Fasteners is part of the TVS Group and has grown to become a world leader in manufacturing critical high precision components for the automotive, infrastructure, energy, electronics, logistics, industrial and aviation sectors.


Its varied range of production encompasses fasteners, powertrain components, sintered metal products, iron powder, cold extruded parts, radiator caps, water and oil pumps and wind power components.


It stands out as one of the main manufacturers of iron powder parts for the metallurgical industry mainly used in making rotors and gears, synchronising hubs, shock absorbers, valves and structural parts such as pumps and assemblies.



  • Iron base powder.
  • Diffusion bonded powders.
  • Pre-alloyed powders.
  • Powder for sinter hardening.