CBC Group
Feldspars and feldspathic sands.


Italy 1985. It began its activity selling raw materials suitable for the production of enamels and coatings. Later, the company specialized in the dry grinding of raw materials for the production of ceramic bodies that, today, continue to generate great interest in the ceramic industry.

C.B.C. Group is a leader in the production and sale of a wide range of high-quality raw materials from around the world, semifinished compounds and ready-to-use products, manufactured in 5 different plants.

In these factories there are grinding and composting plants, which are capable of preparing and supplying the product in liquid or atomized form, according to the specific requirements of the client and with very fast delivery times.



  • Clays for ceramic pastes and glazes. +info 
  • Kaolin for ceramic bodies and tableware. +info